store branding
Store Branding

A prospective buyer walks into a shop all ready to make a buy decision. Now, any decent retail outlet, be it a grocery store, a clothing outlet or a large mall, will always offer multiple brands and choices of the same product. And the customer is evaluating the various options in front of her. It is at this psychological moment that a good marketer has to highlight his offering above the others. And this is what in-shop branding is all about. The use of strategically placed visuals at the point of sale, to influence a client to opt for your product / brand over that of the competitors.

Modern retail today, requires high visibility of a company’s offerings at the point of sale. Sellers of FMCG products vie for visual space in malls, supermarkets, retail shops, etc. In addition to stocking their wares, they also need retail branding to advertise their products at these important locations. If you are looking for a retail design agency, Watchdog Events is well placed to help them achieve their in-shop branding goals.